dudesnude clearing your cache and cookies

sometimes the temporary internet files stored in your browser cache get corrupted or get out of sync, clearing your history and cookies will solve this problem.

instructions for some common browsers are given below, Google for instructions if your browser is not listed here.

Safari - iPhone and iPad

  1. click 'Settings'
  2. click 'Safari'
  3. click 'Clear History and Website Data'

Safari - OSX

  1. click 'Safari' in the menu
  2. click 'Clear history...'
  3. select 'All history' and click the 'Clear history' button

Google Chrome - PC and Mac

  1. click the three line settings icon, top right of your browser window
  2. select 'history' from the menu
  3. with Cookies and Cached images ticked, click 'Clear browsing data' (select 'from the beginning of time')

Google Chrome - iPhone and Android

  1. click the three dot icon, top right of your browser window
  2. click 'Settings'
  3. click 'Privacy'
  4. click 'Clear browsing data

Microsoft Edge - PC

  1. click on the Hub icon (three horizontal lines at top bar)
  2. click 'History' icon
  3. click 'Clear all history'
  4. select 'Cookies and saved website data' and 'Cached data and files' and click Clear