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 United States : Texas : Austin
profile id: 110782
build: Slim
height: 1.68m (5' 6")
weight: 61Kg (134lb)
private password:
waist: 76cm (30")
chest: 97cm (38")
body hair: Quite hairy
facial hair: Beard
ethnicity: Caucasian
cock size: Large
his cock is: Uncut
preferred role: Versatile
interests: Email/chat, Web cam.
practice safer sex: When appropriate
last here: 22 Mar 2018


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>> SILENCE can often lead to REGRET.
SPEAK UP,... and avoid being confronted with someday asking yourself "What if?"
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Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways - Chardonnay in one hand - Strawberries in the other - body thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and screaming ........ WOO HOO! What a Ride!"

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"The world is full of Givers and Takers. Takers might eat better but Givers will always sleep better".
If I'm pissing off a Republican, I know I'm doing something right.


Truth is not a left wing bias.

I surfed this site and waited almost a year before deciding to post my profile. What was I thinking?? I've met some really nice, hot men from all over the world and am really grateful for the nice compliments and support. SO THANKS! And, if your a non-member just surfing,... JUMP IN,... The waters FINE.

Now if your bored,. read on,.... and I promise you'll still be bored when your done. :-)
I Grew up in the mile high city of Denver, went to school in New England, learned to fly and run hotels in Alaska, Life's been great! Unfortunately, I woke up one day and realized my relationship wasn't. So, after two LTR, I found myself single for the first time in 15 years.

I'm at the point in my life where going out to the bars is far less interesting to me then a day working on my house,.. playing with my two dogs, or spending an evening watching the sunset with friends around the firepit. (Good food and drinks OF COURSE!!)

I'm in no hurry of searching for a relationship just yet,.. but if someone special comes knocking at my door,..well ...who knows. By the way, my address is: 123 Easy St. ......and you might as well just use the door bell.. :-)

I'm a fun loving guy just looking to surround myself with good lookin' happy people. :-), ok , you can just be happy. But If your not honest, compassionate, trustworthy and sincere,.. I kindly ask you to wander on. I appreciate having people in my life that, like me, see life through rose colored glasses. Its something we can't take for granted, and have to make the best of it while we're here. (And have some fun while we're at it,....Damn It!!)

If you're a great talker, but a terrible listener, you might want to follow the other people wandering elsewhere. I'm a true believer that good communication and a respect for others opinions is VITAL. Even if they ARE wrong. :-)

I love deep discussions about anything and everything. I defend my opinions and beliefs like a pit bull, but will be the first to admit when I'm wrong or don't know something. Winning the argument isn't whats important to me,.. Learning and adding wisdom to my little 'ever growing' book of knowledge, IS!

I believe that everyone has something special about them, and therefore can learn something from everyone I meet. So I treat waiters w/ the same respect I would the DR that cures whatever ails me. After all, we've all met waiters we wouldn't mind turning our heads and coughing for. :-)

I treasure a partner that, like me, is commited, loyal, honest and can truly appreciate the gift of a good smart ass! They should also recognize the value of laughter, the importance of good communication and understand that earning each others respect isn't a destination to reach, but a journey that never ends. Finally, I admire a partner that exudes confidence in all areas of his life, but truly respect one that can admit his vulnerabilities.

Oh, and if you're a really really,.... REALLY good kisser,... you can ignore everything you just read, proceed to Go and collect your $200.00 ...................................... BEWARE smart ass at work