MANimal @ dudesnude
49 y/o
 Canada : British Columbia : Surrey / mobile
profile id: 1276245
build: Muscular
height: 1.88m (6' 2")
weight: 92Kg (203lb)
private password:
waist: 86cm (34")
chest: 117cm (46")
biceps: 37cm (15")
body hair: Shaved
facial hair: Clean-Shaven
ethnicity: Caucasian
cock size: Extra Large
his cock is: Cut
piercings: Upper Body.
tattoos: None
preferred role: Versatile
interests: Underwear, Muscle worship, Email/chat, Fetish, Sportswear, Groups.
practice safer sex: When appropriate
last here: 24 Feb 2018

what I want is someone who is comfortable enough with themselves that I don't need to develop an ego to be with you.

I'm 100% homo. That means I am Into men who look, act and smell like men. Not into gurls, feminine or alternative personalities. I dig dudes: plain and simple. I mean I REALLY dig dudes.

I get into anything, enjoying the adventure as it plays out. I am a sweet boy, a dirty dog, a primal animal an intense carnal beast. I can be loving and gentle or a skumbucket sleezebag.

I suck, fuck, lick, nibble, bite and eat you. I will get fucked, sucked, licked, nibble, bitten and eaten. I like solid man to man contact - no standard slapping like porno, but can take and toss a decent punch or be manhandled grabbing handful of muscly skin as I am taking you on, full power, full force. I wiggle, squirm, deep growl groan, jerk, bounce and will wrap myself around you in a python type grip as my hands are grasping your head for a deep tongue passionate kiss. I can be as plain as vanilla and a fucking wild bronco. I can toss and be tossed. I can even be a toilet pig - I'm open to it all. I love the simple beauty of FROT - face2face, heart2heart connection; man defend parts, man surrender parts, fight to defend, protect or struggle before surrender, contact horseplay erotica, cock fighting: Fight to keep me off your cock, fight to get you in my Kunt then flip you over and violate yours - and yes i mean violate. I take what i give as it's all way too fucking cool. Then I can switch it all around: a switch pig kum dumpper - and i can cum multiple loads - loaded or not

Some part of me wants some part of you, inside it, or vice versa SWITCH

A strong willed, handsome, solid man, pred/PREY man toy in demeanor. Hard to break but fun to train in any mode of play: endearingly committed, obedient with witty & cheeky/lippy candor

Looking for cockfighting edge play with solid Dom top or slutty boy who is playful, witty yet strong & firm in all regards - you must be endowed to influence me, and thick uncut dominates all EVERYTIME

I want to learn grappling struggle play and rope bound submission

Now that i said that - bring it mofo! I love sex: sub/top daddy/boy preditor/prey - just bring desire and check your ego at the door: and we will have fun

Don't waste my time as I am very serious about what I seek. You be too if you want to connect