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weight: 66Kg (146lb)
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waist: 81cm (32")
chest: 97cm (38")
body hair: Some Hair
facial hair: Goatee
ethnicity: Caucasian
cock size: Medium
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interests: Underwear, Email/chat, Web cam, Role play.
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JUST FINISHED MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY... Bray/dp/1519249659?ie=UTF8&keywords=mr%2 0lucky%20nigel%20bray&qid=1453824479&ref _=sr_1_4&sr=8-4


One night however (and this was a seminal moment for me – no pun intended - and one that opened many doors and slotted barely recognised jigsaw pieces into place), everyone decided to have a wanking contest. Well, not everyone, as I wasn’t really sure what was going on. I don’t remember now how many actually got involved but I DO remember with absolute clarity, being invited to look into HD’s sleeping bag and to watch. His cock was enormous (it seemed – to a boy who’s cock was still a willy) and he was going at it and grunting and then he came, great thick gobs of it in his hand. I, and some of the other boys, stared in astonishment, at the size of his knob which got even bigger at the point of orgasm and at the copious amounts of semen which he then wiped off in the grass. Astonished, because I really think that this was the first time we had seen a proper wank, in all its panting, spurting glory. We KNEW about it, some of us had even had a go but I think we were amazed at the reality of it. “Look”, he said, “it’s the same size as my torch.” And it was. And I can see it now as I write, in the dark of that sleeping bag tent, glistening and slick with spunk, as we called it... You see, for me – and who knows who else out of those goggling boys? – this was more than an illicit sex-wee; more than a bit of fun that lads got up to. It was suddenly incredibly important to see that ‘event’ again, to be able to summon up at will such a wonderful thing. It was the beginnings of desire, of my lifelong love of cock and male bodies, though HD was still technically a boy, he had a man’s thing and I wanted one, wanted to touch one, make it do that ‘thing’ again.
One of the few, and there were very few, perks of being force – marched two miles to the rugby pitch, as we didn’t have one at the school, was after the match. I’m not sure if you can call a miserable gaggle of skinny boys listlessly running after a ball, being knocked over constantly and trampled into the mud by the big ones or running out of the way if they or the ball came in your direction, a match. Anyhow, we survived the pummelling, the mud and the cold and then had to shower. Any gay man reading this will know the agony and ecstasy of shower time; the longing to go in and see the Big Lads lathering their cock and balls, or, swoon, even Sir), watching them soap between their legs, seeing cocks hanging (and not hanging) in every direction; that longing directly opposed to the fear of being caught looking, of being found wanting – skinny, shrivelled willy, like a fool amongst gods. It was hard to stay out of the shower but it became the way to survive – not being able to find my towel / clothes / shoes until the others had finished then dashing in and dashing out again just in case I missed BR showing everyone his dick – he used to poke it out the leg of his shorts and then get a hard on and walk around the changing room with it swinging or slapping against his leg, depending on the state of erection. I remember this, dear reader, 40 years on. Breathless with desire, burning with envy and understanding neither feeling. It would be interesting to know how many others of us sprogs were feeling just the same things, but hiding, guilty, embarrassed and ashamed. Rugby was to be looked forward to, endured, for that one shining moment when you got to see BR’s todger. It was a sad day when he didn’t flop it out, or wave it around, which sometimes happened. Muddy, bruised and todgerless, bereft of our thrill of seeing BR’s dick, we then traipsed back to school. Not much rewarded for the bruises and the mud.
That digression was a brief time shift, but only to illustrate that BH’s dick had set up an unstoppable motion in me, towards what I knew not, until that night in our school camp tent, full of beans, sausage farts and semen. Something massive had changed, but it lay dormant for some time to come. A day or two after that, I was handed the most precious gift – I got to hold HTs cock! Oh yes! For one glorious second, there it lay, in my hand, dark brown, broad and silken, before he took it away and resumed activities…..

It's a delicious read.....!

Cornishman, healer , now living in France, with my partner.

Likes: my laptop, cinema, music, contemporary dance, teaching (honestly!), travelling,eating food with my hands, talking endlessly, that little dip at the base of my lover's back, gadgets,snogging, moonlight,'The Faraway Tree', healing, raging seas, chillies, debate, that moment where nothing needs to be said, theatre, porn, oh....loads of stuff!

Can't stands: not being believed when I'm telling the truth, conflict and arguing, tripe, beetroot or parsnips, people who say one thing and do another, writing these, being cold,people who don't look me in the eye, beach holidays, haggis, mean streaks and cowardice, people who write 'N u b 2' on their profiles....I was hoping that this list would be shorter!! LOL

Reiki Healer and Master....if you want to change your life in ways you can't imagine...message me! My partner and I work together as healers, using reiki...Two Masters together...VERY POWERFUL STUFF...If you want to know more, message me!! We also do Distance Healing - if you want to know more, just ask....

No cam!!

And c'mon guys! All this "WILL NOT REPLY TO PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE STATED AGE" can't have any idea of the friends you may be missing! You don't have to shag 'em or marry 'em, but there's nothing wrong in having a relationship online....chatting's good for the spirit.

And...PLEASE!!! Stop it with these 'privacy notices'!! Be glad if your dick is worth copying!

One more moan: "HIV-, and planning to stay that way" if everyone WASN'T? No-one chooses it and I imagine everyone 'planned to stay that way'