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43 y/o   VERIFIED
 United States : Arizona : Phoenix
profile id: 74148
build: Average
height: 1.80m (5' 11")
weight: 82Kg (180lb)
private password:
body hair: Some Hair
facial hair: Goatee
ethnicity: Caucasian
cock size: Medium
his cock is: Cut
tattoos: None
preferred role: Versatile
interests: Underwear, Muscle worship, Email/chat, BDSM, Leather, Fetish.
practice safer sex: Always
last here: 14 Apr 2016

Love oral fun in the backroom of our shop!
The younger oral bottom does all the talking and daddy is picky and usually does not play...

QUICK CLARIFICATION: We are a couple, in the pics you see my nicely-dicked Daddy, a few of me (smaller equiped), and the others might be with buds.

We are a couple of 18 years (nicely equipped daddy top and me a oral bottom) that are interested in finding new buds and maybe a fuckbud or two. Who knows. Hope you enjoy the pics...we are a little bigger in the middle than when these were taken, but if you like bears, well... We like a variety of things. I am an amateur photographer/videographer and always looking for new models to shoot.(some for market, others for personal pleasure.) I like all types of guys, while daddy likes tighter and younger. Drop us a note and see what cums of it. We are both busy working a lot, so you never know...we now have our own unique gift shop (Whozitz and Whatzitz) off 32nd street and Indian School, and love to play some in the backroom! So stop in and say hi!

Anything else, ask away. We like politeness over rudeness and LOVE to see all your pics for ours.


Now for those few still reading:
Blitheboy’s (that’s me, the writer, the younger one of the two) TurnON’s: Redheads; men of all ages; uniforms: cop, firemen, bluecollar, military, etc.; shaved heads; facial hair; stubble; dicks of all sizes (tho of course big and hard is nice, all dicks are great); short hair; smooth ripped and tight bods, hairy chests, and great asses (my menu is vast and everchanging!!); hairy chest, hairy stomachs, hairy forearms and legs…But…(see my dislikes for more on hair); big squirting cumshots; cum flying; sucking cock; armpits; body licking; body odor (I LOVE the smell of a clean but smelly dude – which means I don’t like you not bathing for a month, but after a good workout or hike, the odor under the arms or in the crotch is wonderful.); sweat; muscles; leather; jocks (both the studs and the gear; underwear; outdoor sex; guys who like to fulfill as well as being fulfilled sexually; honesty in sex; sexual friends; Military men; Travel (yes, going places and having sex is a big turnon…just went to France in Oct. 05 and it was great); sucking cock; getting fucked long and hard; being cum on; bald or balding guys; and probably many other things I’ve forgotten.

Blitheboy’s TurnOFF’s: poppers; cologne (hate the smell and taste); crystal meth, etc. (cuz it really fucks with your attitude and your dick…yawn); Fall down drunks; Selfish lovers (meaning guys who get off and don’t care about you, lay there like lumps, only want to get their dicks sucked and be gone, cumming and going in the same breath.); dirty asses (for god’s sake, clean your fucking ass a LITTLE!! if you think you’re gonna have sex!!); long hair on the head (not a definite sex crusher, but just prefer short over long anyday); hair on the back, and back of arms and shoulders (sorry, but for some reason a hairy ass, hairy legs, hairy chest and arms is great, but a carpet on the shoulders and back just turns me off…go figure.); disease (we are clean and want to stay that way); people who say they want to get together or fuck or go to a movie and then don’t call, don’t show, or vanish; fakes and flakes; and a few we are probably not thinking of.

Daddy’s (the one with the bigger dick) TurnON’s: Younger, smoother guys; Bel Ami; running his hands up your shorts to see what’s underneath; TIGHT jeans (like 1970’s where you could tell your religion and other insights due to the tightness of pants and basket); he prefers, but is not totally limited to, guys with tight bodies, meaning toned or ripped but not huge bodybuilderlike frames; Daddy likes smooth over hairy, preferring guys to have smooth torsos; younger over older: 18-28 is his usual window, but it varies if you look younger; sucking a nice hard cock; dropping his huge cumload onto a nice smooth chest; getting a great BJ (see dislikes); Vanilla sessions of body contact, sucking and maybe fucking.

Daddy’s TurnOFF’s: Teeth on the dick / guys who suck like a vacuum trying to remove the cum and flesh by sucking too hard; hairy guys (not a definite, but smooth is better); stubble (hurts); drugs that fuck with your dick; cologne; stinky dudes (a little pubic musk smell is great, but rank is out); sweat; bulky/fat dudes (we may have middles and not be ripped, but our own looks are not what he likes); Rough sex; leather/uniforms: daddy has no fetish for this, but doesn’t really mind it either; toys; disease (we are clean and want to stay that way); liars, etc. (see some of the common things we both dislike, like flakes, throughout); facial hair; and some I’m sure I’ve forgotten.

We are both very different in our tastes (which makes finding other harder) but may swing one way or the other depending on a lot of factors, so who knows. As for flakes, assholes, jerks, etc, just don’t bother. If you are on crystal (or some other that is similar in effects), need poppers to cum, etc, don’t bother. We like dudes who come over, have fun regardless and want to just have fun. Drinks and smoke don’t bug us, but are not neccassary either. So just be clean, polite and fun…and we’ll see.