bishop @ dudesnude
36 y/o   VERIFIED
 Australia : South Australia : Adelaide / mobile
profile id: 827286
build: Average
height: 1.78m (5' 10")
private password:
waist: 71cm (28")
body hair: Naturally Smooth
facial hair: Beard
ethnicity: Caucasian
cock size: Large
his cock is: Cut
tattoos: Several
preferred role: Top
interests: Underwear, Muscle worship, Email/chat, Role play, BDSM, Leather, Fetish, Sportswear, Groups.
practice safer sex: When appropriate
last here: 14 Aug 2018

im an atypical poof but an average lad
been told by some theyd like to read more from me so giving it a shot... please be kind...or be nasty just be good at it.

if you dont know the difference between atypical and a typical might be best if you move on to another profile
evil genius and future world dictator. in my spare time i sell heroin to unwed teenage mothers.
apparently i sound like hamish blake, hrmm
im so masculine im not even gay, im half bi.
changing careers at the moment about to study massage and holistic therapies, and thankyou for the thought but i already know a lot of dummies... although you never know your luck ;)
probably one of the most relaxed go with the flow kinda people you could ever meet so as long as youre not high on drama drop me a line

gentlemen who like it rough
mandate; theology; an order passed down from god
mandate; my theory; going to a pub with another masculine guy for a few beers. if the chemistry is right you might get a sidewards glance at the urinal.
strong belief in energy and chemistry so if you like what you see get in touch and see what happens.
no expectations
im so intelligent i can do long divison in my head. i know the first 12 numbers of pi. ive had 20 books published and 30 degrees.
im so fit my profile picture was taken at the gym. i work out 14 imes a week and play 52 sports. my profile name is fitbuffrippedmusclejock.
smart and healthy is great but a good grasp of reality is just as important. im not exactly dumb and hideous myself. if you are smart your profile or a quick conversation should prove it. if your fit and healthy and half reasonable pic will be proof enough.
hunting; bears, wolves, cubs, otters, fox, meerkats, xoloizcuintle, american hairless terrier, peruvian inca orchid, any other canine, vulpine or general other animal likeness you want to call yourself...
not so keen on bird watching...
my favourite flower is a whoopsiedaisy
my idea of a perfect day would be a sleep in, heading to a pub for a counter meal and a few beers. heading home/anywhere for an afternoon shag followed by a nap and then home cooked dinner with a thick steak bottle of wine cuddles and a blowjob before bed. or in my words, a man date.
doesnt mean im not open to a day at the beach, a salad, an alcohol free dat or 6 hours without sex
relax, its just a profile